Horse Training

Jane Labbe’ is offering horses training to ages 5 to 18 years here at the ranch. Her phone number is (530) 394-8036.

Horse Camp

Bring your horse to New England Ranch for a few days or even a week! Enjoy wonderful mountain and valley trail rides. One of our ranch cowboys will be glad to take you out on some of the best trail riding anywhere in Plumas County. After a fun-filled day at the ranch, leave your horses in our care and go enjoy Quincy. We’ll groom them, feed them, and have them ready for tomorrow’s ride. We’ll set you up in one of Quincy’s clean and comfortable hotels, and give you some suggestions for dinner.

  • $50.00 per horse per night

RVers are welcome to stay at the Ranch(self contained only)
$60/night for horse campers

RV space available with full hookups it has beautiful views and opportunity to keep your horse at the Ranch;  Also work opportunities.

  • $60 per night, including utilities
  • Horse boarding also available
  • Call or Email for information

Ranch Tours

If you’re interested in the history of the American West, then you’ll be excited to tour the historic New England Ranch. Established in 1850, New England Ranch was one of the first homesteads in the American Valley. The ranch has had a long and colorful history. From harvesting the first wheat crop in the American Valley, to Frank Galleppi in the 1970s eschewing the tractor in favor of his beloved draft horse team. Today, the ranch is home to the premier horse boarding facility in the American Valley. The lush pastures are preoccupied by Black Angus cattle in partnership with a neighboring ranch,during the summer season. The proprietors raise most of their own food on the ranch raising pigs, chickens, Black Angus beef, and a wonderful summer garden. In recent years, the ranch has completed several restoration projects along Clear Creek, Greenhorn Creek, and surrounding meadows. We’ll show you these projects and even invite you to plant a willow or aspen tree! In 2004, the ranch started a quail reintroduction  program after noticing there weren’t many quail running around in the valley. In it’s 5th year, being very successful, the program released over 1500 California Valley quail. We’ll show you our quail program and hopefully inspire you to start your own reintroduction or restoration project. We invite you to come tour our ranch. Come see the historic barns, the stone house that housed the creamery, the ranch workshop, and the recently restored ranch house.

2 hour ranch tour- $35.00 per person, minimum party of 5 (includes lunch)